in a healthy, close relationship of any kind, when something upsets you, you need to bring it up. as soon as possible, even. cultivate an environment in which you both can talk about things that upset you, with the utmost attention to everyone’s feelings. it’s a really simple thing to do but it’s a thing i’ve been working on for a while and i’m getting actual nice things happening as a result

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Q: Hello! My wife suffers from Emetophobia (fear of vomit) and together we created a new no spoiler movie site that gives people with phobias (spiders,snakes,clowns,puppets,dolls,vomit,needles,dentist,blood) the ability to watch movies without fear. We give you the when, how graphic and the duration of each scene that occurs in each movie. We have 1500 in our database and screen theater movies every Friday!


that is ding dang cool

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they’re coming

in the distance you hear them 

the Whovians have returned


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you know what has been really cute lately? me

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I still think “friendzone” should be a big calzone you share with your friends. 


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